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Nippon Solar is a customer focused company solely dedicated to providing ideal solutions for enhancing energy efficiency, increasing the use of solar energy and empowering of small and medium scale businesses through innovative technologies and established in 2015.

Heckert Solar

Heckert Solar produces exclusively in Germany at its premises in Chemnitz, Saxony. Heckert Solar modules are thus one of the most efficient photovoltaic modules “Made in Germany” and therefore the first choice for customers who are deliberately focusing on quality in long-term investments. All modules are delivered with plus-sorting of up to +4,99 Wp. Heckert Solar also guarantees a performance warranty of 25 years.


New Version Of SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

It couldn’t be any easier: A system can be designed professionally and easily with Sunny Design. And thanks to its extremely light design and intuitive user interface, the Sunny Boy can be quickly installed – without having to open the inverter.

  • Simple system design with Sunny Design.
  • Secure plug-and-play installation without opening the inverter.
  • Compact and lightweight (< 16 kg).
  • Quick commissioning using a tablet, smartphone or laptop

100% Ease and Comfort with SUNNY BOY

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