About Nippon Solar

Nippon Solar is a customer focused company solely dedicated to providing ideal solutions for enhancing energy efficiency, increasing the use of solar energy and empowering of small and medium scale businesses through innovative technologies and established in 2015.

We are committed to help Sri Lankans to burn a hole in their electricity bills with quality solar systems at affordable prices. Our success is based on representing the most reputed and reliable brands in the industry supported by our team consisting of experienced and qualified engineers and technicians. Nippon Solar uses solar equipment with German Technology with rigorous testing by engineers in the respective WHAT WE BELIEVE IN countries of manufacturing.


Nippon Solar was founded on conviction that solar power is a clean, sustainable free energy source which can be utilized to meet the energy requirement of every people and all level of life and small unit to mega projects. Our fundamental aim is to offer reliable, efficient intelligent systems with the compatibility in different size making much economical and competitive. Nippon Solar is much more than just a solar project designer and installer of photo voltaic systems as we offer an integrated model for the production of solar electricity to become market leader in the solar products.

Today, the challenge facing solar energy is to become independent of subsidies and to produce solar electricity as quickly as possible at competitive prices, with the goal of
achieving grid parity. With our eyes fixed on that target, our company has a unique position
in terms of competitiveness by optimizing cost by adopting intelligent solutions to enhance
grid integration. In this way, Nippon Solar has now trusted source in this solartech market.
Recently Sri Lankan government introduced Soorya Bala Sangramaya (Battle for Solar Energy) with few loan schemes for lowest intrest rates to encourage and boost the Solar industry. Therefor now we have plenty of chances to go with Green Energy.

We believe you will enjoy the services of Nippon Solar and will help us in improving by
giving your feed back.


Venura Liyanage

CEO/ Managing Director


Our company have sustained its growth with the rapidly change of market share and brand
value in our country. The reason that we are, one of the leading solar company in Sri Lanka is that, Nippon Solar is driven by a dynamic, strong and experienced management. We challenge ourselves in order to deliver the results our customers need. Our technical and sales & marketing team are passionate about what they do and strive to promote outcomes rather than just focus on activities. This team spirit make our company a unique and capable of providing amazing competitive advantageous.

Nippon Solar’s technically experienced team provides sustainably benefits with unmatched
dealer-customer relationship with you whenever you need them. You can benefit from the
long-standing experience of our team, who are at your disposal as contacts for all your questions. My special thanks, warmest affections and regards for their valuable contribution to our company, suppliers, business partners as well as all our stakeholders who have been part of our journey and directing us to walk toward success.



Suranga Udukumbura

B.Tech(Hons)Eng, AMIE(SL)
General Manager

What We Deliver

Always Clean Energy

100% pollution-free and produced from renewable sources that are naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible.

Long Time to Use

Solar panels come with 25 years power generation guarantee.

Easy Installation

Solar power kit installation is easy as plugging in an appliance.

Low Installation Costs

You can pay full or can be applied for a bank loan.

To Help State Power Generation

This is free natural resources without any scarcity while saving hydropower and fossil fuel power and gives win-win condition to both you and our nation.

Natural Free Resources

Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable Free Natural source of energy.

Solar Power for Everyone

As a reputed solar power company, our necessity is to give you high-quality products, expertise installation with the lowest price in the market. Nippon Solar is committed to improving the lives of all those who interact with our solar solution in Sri Lanka we operate in. Find out how we go about making the difference.

Need a Loan Facility?

We provide loan facilities through reputed banks in Sri Lanka and you can gain income through your solar power system thus no any tension about money. So hurry and make your decision to have a solar power system and be a proudful citizen while helping state power generation.

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