Why We Are The Best Solar Provider

Top Quality for lowest price

High-Quality Solar Power Systems For Lowest Prices in the Market

Nippon Best Supervision

Solar Power System Installation Done Under The supervision Of Qualified Engineer And Well Experienced Technical Team

Quick Service

Efficient And Speedy After Sales Services

After-Sale Support

Free After-Sale Support For 5 Years

Power Generation Guarantee

25 Years Power Generation Guarantee For The Solar Module And 10 Years Warranty For The Inverter

Free Insurance

Nippon Solar One Year Free Insurance for all our customers

Web Monitoring

Free Web Monitoring

Best Installation Standard

Installation is Done According to CEB And LECO Standard

Why We Are The Best Solar Provider

Always Clean Energy

100% pollution-free and produced from renewable sources that are naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible.

Long Time to Use

Solar panels come with 25 years power generation guarantee

Easy Installation

Solar power kit installation is easy as plugging in an appliance.

Low Installation Costs

You can pay full or can be applied for a bank loan

To Help State Power Generation

This is free natural resources without any scarcity while saving hydropower and fossil fuel power and gives win-win condition to both you and our nation.

Natural Free Resources

Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable Free Natural source of energy.


As a reputed solar power company, our necessity is to give you high-quality products, expertise installation with the lowest price in the market. We have installed solar islandwide for all scale projects, from top companies to residences. We have a well trained team who knows all technical details to guide you.


We provide loan facilities through reputed banks in Sri Lanka and you can gain income through your solar power system thus no any tension about money.
So hurry and make your decision to have a solar power system and be a proudful citizen while helping state power generation.

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